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SMALLpieces is a gallery and retail space within our Brunswick site for contemporary Australian ceramics.

The work in SMALLpieces is from emerging and established practitioners, of high quality and broad price range. Items include jewellery, vessels and sculptures.  

Below are some of the artists who have work in our store.

Sandra Bowkett

I have enjoyed exploring the use of porcelain clays, simple hand forming techniques and the use of earth materials to create elementary decorative motifs. The combination of clay and oxide at the high temperature of the firing is evidence of the magic of the ceramic process.

Phil Elson

My practice over the last 28 years has been powerfully informed by the ceramic culture of South East Asia, Japan, China and Korea. I have been in full time professional practice for the last 15 years and over that time I have been strongly focused on the development of form and in particular, the form of the bowl.

Ann Ferguson

These works invite people to play with ideas for town planning. Components of the game are a variety of simple houses, trees and buildings constructed from blocks of clay painted with shades of earth. Single houses, small villages and complex cities can be happily constructed anywhere-on window sills, coffee tables or even plant pots.

Bridget Foley

Bridget Foley’s work is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel using porcelaineous clay. She mixes all her own glazes and fires in a gas kiln to 1300. She uses glazes such as chun, tenmoku and copper reds. She enjoys experimenting with glaze combinations to give her work a unique look.

Minna Graham

My work is an expression of my emotional relationship to my surroundings. I am interested in the relationship between humans and nature and how our surroundings effect us emotionally. My work is sometimes a peaceful interpretation of diverse conditions, at other times the tension I feel is reflected in the teetering forms and stacking of my work. I seek to push the boundaries of balance as nature's extremes push me, and by doing so to tell a story of my struggle between controlling my environment and managing myself within it.


Jeannine Hendy

Growing up in a small rural community I learned to appreciate simple everyday experiences, such as a meal of home grown produce and making things with my own hands. My interest in simple experiences inspires me to create unique vessels, which aim elevate these moments by making a connection with the user and the food they are designed to serve.


Joanne Linsdell

Joanne Linsdell is a visual artist working with drawings and ceramics under the label Jo.L. Her work comprises sculptural forms that are also functional and are either glazed or decorated with plant motifs. These designs are derived from large botanical drawnings of plants growing in a 3-acre botanical garden at her family home. She is interested in making forms that are tactile and visually stimulating.

 Vanessa Lucas

Pleasure in the utilitarian is an unwavering priority in the design of my slipcast porcelain tableware. I like to provoke an emotional response to familiar objects through the subtle inclusion of references which echo elements of the natural world.


Tantri Mustika

Tantri Mustika is a Preston based ceramicist who makes a range of light-hearted and colourful hand built ceramics.  Her current collection of work incorporates a modern spin on traditional terrazzo tiling, applying it to bespoke functional forms making terrazzo adaptable to everyday life.

Ruby Pilven

Drawing on her printmaking background, Ruby often marries her passion for printmaking and ceramics in her jewellery and ceramics work by creating layers of colour and pattern. Her current series of works use the Japanese technique called Nerikomi, hand-building with coloured clay. This technique explores her long fascination and relationship with Japanese culture and her connection with the contemporary Australian art scene.

 Nina Roberts

Nina is interested in finding subtle ways to evoke the Australian bush in her ceramic pieces. Originally a botanist and ecologist, Nina is developing a range of tableware and vases with simple forms, some of which allude to vessels in nature, such as seed pods or lichen spore cups. Surfaces are mostly simple, with neutral glazes and soft accent colours. Sometimes the unglazed clay-body is used to form part of the tactile experience of the piece. In her most recent work Nina has been exploring, through carved lines inlayed with oxides, the ways in which tree trunks and branches frame our view of the sky. Reduced to dark lines that come in and out of focus, the vegetation creates a multitude of apertures of light.

 Sarah Schembri

My work is inspired by the diversity and beauty of the Australian landscape - particularly rock formations with their contrasting textures and colours. Being a lover of cooking and food in general, I am interested in making pieces that are a pleasure to use in the home, pieces which are not only visually appealing but also functional and tactile.

RARA Studio

RARA Studio ceramics are designed, hand-built and painted by Aliça Rose Tibbs.  Aliça creates unique, functional pieces for the home and to wear, using a range of clays and hand building techniques. Each piece is one of a kind, with the marks of the maker celebrated, forming the texture of the work. She creates objects that can be used and enjoyed every day for arranging flowers, having your morning coffee or a piece of cake.

Dawn Tang

Dawn Tang is an emerging ceramic artist based in Melbourne, Victoria. Dawn works with porcelain and stoneware on the wheel. She makes visually tactile pieces that are sculptural and aesthetically decorative, drawing from vessel forms. Her work is inspired by a sense of place that has had a strong personal resonance. Pared back, clean forms and a meticulous approach underpin her work.

Her pieces are created with the intention that despite a specific creation point, the viewer is free to engage and interpret the work from their own perspective.

Phillipa Taylor

Philippa trained in Craft during the 90's, at the Peninsula School of Art, Monash University.

She graduated with honours and has pottery in the personal collection of Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.

There is a strong emphasis on the handcrafted and making with integrity and craftsmanship.

Dawn Vachon

Dawn is a Canadian born, Melbourne based potter. She uses the wheel and hand builds with slabs to create pieces for the home and table.

Chris Wright

You could describe my work as a fusion of 1950's design sensibility, african aesthetics and a sprinkling of cartoon pop culture. I have a love of pattern and colour and love the way that one idea can create the momentum for many others. My main aim is to make work that exudes an inherent sense of life and that continues to provide a sense of pleasure to others once having migrated from my studio to the outside world.

Sophie Xarhakos

Working predominantly with porcelain, Sophie's interest is in creating unusual shapes, patterns and textures. She utilises various techniques - including wheel throwing, hand building, modeling and turning - to achieve her desired forms and, once her mould is completed, she casts with porcelain. Sophie uses a variety of methods to decorate her forms and surfaces and devotes a great deal of time to the finish.Ultimately, her finished forms display symmetry, precision and a fine quality.